Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking Hot Miley..

And by hot I mean looking like "a low budget stripper"--I wonder if she actually looks in the mirror before leaving the house? 
Tip: Just because you have supposedly reached larger than life Disney star status does not mean you have instant fashion sense. 

Cut off jean shorts, a ripped tee, and a bag of pretzels..classy little minx.

Images via CelebSlam.

Giorgio is gaga for GaGa

Did any of you get to see Lady Gaga's Grammy hoop skirt..planetarium-esque..well whatever you would like to call it? Did you know that her outfit was the creation of Giorgio Armani?

Well you do now and it has been announced recently that Armani is taking it one step further to create one of a kind tour looks for the Lady G. She already has Versace on board with looks for her tour..but a girl can't just have ONE major designer swooning over her. I guess some gals have all the luck. While these outfits aren't exactly street worthy and would look absolutely ridiculous on 99.9% of us, you can't deny that they will look fantastic on stage during the rest of her European & Australian leg of the Monster Ball Tour. Sketches were publicly released not too long ago, and they look absolutely "Gaga-licious". (had to)

According to Vogue " Looks include a sparkly structured body suit with enhanced curved shoulders, another body suit with a lobster effect on one sleeve, a geometric mini-dress with a dramatic mirror effect, and a floor-length patent trench." Each look will be topped off with Armani specially made sunglasses and shoes. 
I see Lobster detailing becoming the next crazy fashion trend no?

Armani has a fling for Gaga, describing her as "a modern fashion phenomenon".
Matchmaker has made a match, and the extra glitz from Armani will definitely give Gaga's tour a little extra sparkle. 

She debuted some of the looks in Liverpool, UK last night and I managed to find a snapshot of the blue body suit number.  I am a little disappointed that the high structured shoulders were not included in the final outcome. 

Images & Info via TheSkinnyWebsite, Armani, Vogue,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

De La France pour Cibler

Legendary Designer Jean Paul Gaultier has made the amazing decision to make his fashions more easily accessible to the people outside of the high fashion world--A collection covering the loves of rock n' roll to ingenue to satisfy the diversity of American women--a cheeky French melange.

Prepare yourself--March 7th.
Tres' Chic.

(Images via WeHeartThis, FitSugar)

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Paris Hitlon was seen shopping at Sydney Michelle in LA on February 23rd in yet another matchy matchy ensemble. Pairing a Preen heart dress with black tights, a black studded belt, and what looks to be Christian Louboutin studded ankle boots, Paris made her presence known. Finishing the outfit off with a bow headband suitable for the ultimate girly girl,  a black patent square handbag and a pair of studded oversize sunnies, her outfit looked like all the pieces were made for one another. While I am not such a fan of Paris Hilton and have yet to figure out why she is actually famous, I will give her credit for being original and daring with her feminine fashion choices. 

To recreate Paris's look in a not so over the top way try these on--

Juicy Couture Heart Print Elbow Dress

Patricia Field Carrie Belt
 (my favorite belt in my closet--goes with EVERYTHING. good investment piece!)

Fergie Women's Rylee Boot

Candie's Bow Headband

Victoria's Secret Pink Vintage Rhinestone Sunglasses

Jessica Simpson Downtown Satchel

(Images via The Skinny Website, Endless, ShopBop, Victoria's Secret, Kohls, Macy's)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you haven't been to the "Shop-A-Matic" site, now is your time. This site consistently presents the most unique and fashionable pieces suitable for anyone's closet or budget. Ranging from spring dresses to fall trends to bedding to gifts and even wedding cakes!!, This fabulous site will provide you with the easiest window shopping experience imaginable. I'm an absolute fan of window shopping made easy, and am having a hard time restraining myself from sitting on this New York Magazine site for hours. 
Do you find this type of website helpful? What are your favorite trends/items for this year?

(Images via Shopamatic)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Posh In The City

Victoria Beckham resembled an arctic creature when returning to her hotel in NYC on February 17th. Do you think there is a chance her fur is faux? To complete the outfit, VB paired grey wash skinny jeans with a grey tee and gorgeous black suede booties. For the finishing touch, an essential pair of oversized sunnies and a deep red croc Hermes Bag. What do you think of this look? Does it scream super talented and sophisticated designer? If you didn't know, Victoria Beckham was in NYC for Fashion Week to debut her new collection of gowns which is receiving rave reviews. 
One review said "Her Ready To Wear Spring 2009 silhouettes are beyond body-conscious. They are ultra fitted for super skinny women tall or not so, but for sure slim – is the body to wear her below the knee dresses. Each of which comes with a woman-friendly detail as a rose-gold back zipper, meaning no messy hair. Also very delicate special seams along the derriere and torso ensure against flat rear ends and busts, which are common to slim silhouettes." Will you be buying any clothing from her collection? I think it was magnificent! 

To re-create Posh's look, try this:

Images via Getty Images, ShopBop, Steve Madden, Piperlime.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look of The Day: Heidi Montag

The newest member of what I like to call the "Plastics" was seen out looking horrendous but stylish regardless..

To replicate Franken-Heidi's look without looking like a circus freak try these on for size..

Gorgeous sweetheart Coral ruched silk with an exposed front zip--not so in your face & much more elegant.

Sweetheart neckline & bias pleats provides a girly romantic feel--hot pink silk crepe provides an alternative option to a red or coral tone.

Grey Leather and subtle folds create a similar look to Louboutins.

A black simple clutch to hold all of your essentials to get you through the night.

A large bubblegum ball sized ring to add a bold contrast to ruffles and pleats.

The perfect outfit for a cocktail affair, club night, or even a trendy wedding. No scary monster to be seen--Just the ultimate princess.

Images via ShopBop, Zappos & USmagazine. (Rebecca Taylor Zip Front Dress, Shoshanna Banded Strapless Dress, L.A.M.B Rhett Heels, HOBO International Sadie Clutch, Rachel Leigh Gumball Ring )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love is My Mantra

Surround yourself in a tangerine, lime, & grapefruit colored love--let the fringe add some flair..

Sir Alistair Rai wraps are luxurious & hard to resist. The perfect accessory for an outfit.

Available at for $49.00, originally $145.00. No guilt will be felt after this purchase!

(Images via Sir Alistair Rai Gayatri Mantra Love Scarf)

When Cupcakes Go Stale.

Cupcakes are usually sweet & pretty-definately not in this case..

Is it simply the angle of the camera?

Aubrey O' Day simply just got it all wrong at her 26th birthday in Las Vegas last weekend. Sorry to say but D&G got it all wrong as well.

Want to do tulle in an acceptable & gorgeous way?

Ah..much tastier.

How many of you are feeling Aubrey O'Days look? How many of you are even fans of tulle detailing?

(Images via and In Pictures. Sequin Tulle Cocktail Dress by Haute Hippie.)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Representation without a lack of Sexuality

The 2010 Winter Olympics are underway--this might be the most sensual and feminine way to show your support while having your own personal "event"..

A slightly sheer & slightly perfect combination of pleats and cake-like ruffles for the purity and innocence of white..

Geometric design of red for hardiness & blue for perseverance--thick gladiator strapping in the color of a first place metal to bring out the champion in you.

Bring home the gold.

What did you think of the opening ceremony fashions by Polo? What event will you be sure to watch this Olympic Games?

(Images via Victorias Secret & Christian Louboutin. Whispery Georgette Pleated Babydoll & Ulona 140 Platform Sandals)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sweet Sunday Valentine

Imagine--an angel clad in a delicate white lace & ruffle romper with sexy tousled hair & oh so subtle yet bold dark eyes--waiting at the kitchen table with the most delectable brunch treats to satisfy a love's sweet tooth..

And capture a love's heart..

Candles & a bottle of wine paired with a warm rose petal filled bubble bath bring a sexy ending..

A final declaration is the perfect finishing touch..

This is--the perfect Sunday Valentine's Day.

What are you doing to show your love this Sunday?

(Images via ShopBop, and Martha Stewart. WINK jumper. Heart Pancakes, Mini Heart Shaped Cake.)

London Tears

Devastating news. 
Alexander Mcqueen was found dead this morning in his London home--reports are saying suicide was the cause..
London & the Fashion Universe has lost an iconic piece of their hearts today..

"At one level he was a master of the fantastic, creating astounding fashion shows that mixed design, technology and performance and on another he was a modern-day genius whose gothic aesthetic was adopted by women the world over." -Alexander Shulman: editor of British Vogue

R.I.P my fellow will be greatly missed by all who loved you & your fabulous work.

How do you all feel about this loss? Were you as shocked as I? What was your favorite part of his designs?

(Images via & Alexander McQueen)