Saturday, January 30, 2010

Black is the new "blah" according to Uncle Karl

While inches of snow build up outside..yet again..and everything is turning to a clean stark white, I am drooling over Chanel. At Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld debuted a technicolor dream coat of a collection during his Summer 2010 Haute Couture Chanel show. Tulle accented shorts, metallic trimmed tweed, silver leather gloves, carved heel shoes with pearl lined soles strutted down the runway channeling what Karl Lagerfeld dubbed as "neon-barogue". Jewels, silver lame, handmade silk roses and ruffles were beautifully placed and structured to create amazing works of art. Shades of lime, champagne, and pink were the main focus and reminded me of being a kid in a candy shop.
    Hair was teased and donned big gift like bows, and nails were painted a metallic silver (a new Le Vernis Chanel polish that is not available in the US just yet, as soon as I find out when I will let you know). The color could easily be mistaken for my sister's nail creation MINX nails, which are growing in popularity and will be talked about by me in the next few days. Coral lips finished off the models doll-like appearance. What do you think of this collection? Do you think its over the top or just perfection? Who do you think had the best showing at Paris Fashion Week?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Never Too Young For Disney

*Sigh* Disney World is quite possibly one of my favorite places to spend a few days away. Yes, I am not quite in the range of a "child", actually quite far from it, but who says you have to REALLY grow up? With my love for fashion and fairytales, I'm ecstatic that designer Sue Wong has announced an Alice In Wonderland inspired collection that will be launching next month. The line features pieces inspired by the fairytale's key characters. (Alice, Red Queen, White Queen, the White Rabbit, and the Talking Flower Garden). What makes these pieces especially unique is the bold detailing and Victorian antique lace combined with what Sue Wong is known for: A+ hand craftsmanship, femininity, and romance. I cannot wait to see one of these gorgeous whimsical gowns hanging in my closet. These pieces will make even the ugliest frog feel like a true princess and might even catch the eye of Prince Charming for your happily ever after. Would you wear something from this line?

 "This classic story, along with Tim Burton's inspired interpretation, lends itself especially well to my design aesthetic, which is whimsical and fun, while adding yet another element of creativity and expression to my artistic process. It is an honor to help bring this marvelous tale to life." -Sue Wong

This line ranges from $329 to $609 and will be available at Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's, Lord and Taylor, Macy's, and at Sue Wong's Website in February 2010. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Particuliere-ly Sexy

While I love manicures and pedicures and all the fabulous primping, there are aspects to it that I do not love. Drying time feels like I just watched Christmas come and go and then come again, and picking a nail polish while the manicurist asks you 55 times "are you ready??" is just downright stressful! Being fair skinned, I tend to be a little bit picky about my nail color choices, but am risky at the same time. I am already a fan of the deep reds such as Essie Wicked or the darker purple-black hue of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, but the winter is slowly (really slowly) coming to an end, and as spring makes an entrance, so does my desire for a new nail outfit. Once I find a color, I tend to stick to it, and will wear it until the bottle is empty and the brush is dry. There is no doubt that I will reach this point with Spring 2010 Chanel Particuliere. An absolutely stunning putty-ish colored natural creamy taupe hue that will seriously become your nail color staple. With it's lush, even formula and long-wearing power, the $23 price tag actually is justified. The brush makes it easy to cover a nail in two or three simple strokes, and will honestly last you a week. Its so easy to apply that I just managed to redo my home manicure while battling a sinus infection! I have been wearing it since the beginning of January and am absolutely addicted. This Chanel hue was first seen in their AMAZING fashion show and caught a major hype when the first Particuliere accented hand appeared on the walkway. Stop stressing yourself out by changing your nail color every single day in order to coordinate with your outfit, and take yourself to the nearest Chanel counter to pick up this truly versatile polish. Your nails (and all who see you) will thank you. What do you all think about this color? Are you obsessed as I am? What's your go to, never fail nail polish choice? I want to!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glam at Its Best

I have been a fan of Adam Lambert since his audition on American Idol. His voice and style is absolutely incredible and I am amazed by how tasteful/incredible he has been on getting his career to where it is. His album is constantly on repeat in my car, and if you haven't bought his album "For Your Entertainment" yet then stop being silly. Go buy it now. Im serious. GO! His video for his second single off the album "Whataya Want From Me" was released not too long ago, and is so beautifully done that I just had to steer away from beauty/fashion to share this with you. But to be honest, this man is absolutely gorge and his fashion is impeccable so I'm not straying too far off the path. I wish all men dressed as well as he does. Take approximately 4 minutes out of your day to enjoy this song/vid. I guarantee you will end up with tears in your eyes, and a slightly faster heartbeat.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Not Lying, Im Just Stunning

Ladies, I'm willing to bet any large sum of money that 99% of us have spent more time than we are willing to admit searching for our HG makeup. With stores like Sephora and Ulta, how can you not get lost in all of the cosmetic chaos!? Walking into those stores is like entering into a maze-once you're in, you're in and good luck getting out. I am happy to share with you that lady luck is finally on my side, and I have found the way out! My knight in shining armor, Koh Gen Do- a 20 year old high definition cosmetic and skincare company that started in Tokyo's lovely Azabu Juban neighborhood. Their mission is to "bring out the beauty within you" and their promise is cater to all different types and colors of skin because we "all possess a unique beauty".  Because Koh Gen Do considers makeup to be more than about covering problem areas of the skin, their makeup actually enhances your natural beauty and your true color. I have fallen hard for this company and couldn't say one bad thing about any of their products. The true hero for me is Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Powder Foundation. A paraben free foundation using an exclusive "3D Real Skin" technology. This is a mineral creme foundation mixed with 60% water allowing for a smooth and sheer application with seriously full coverage.
 How can it be sheer and full coverage at the same time you ask?? Well ladies it is possible due to the two types of powder used to make this glorious product. Round shaped powder to cover tiny pores without actually blocking them, as well as flat shaped powder to reflect light eliminating shadows stemming from uneven surfaces on the skin. This foundation is available in 12 shades (my fair-medium slightly red skin calls for 012), and can even be mixed together for a custom shade. It will cover anything from sun spots to blemishes without ever causing a breakout for at least 10 hours. It will not budge, and looks absolutely flawless! This makeup brand is gaining a big celebrity following, and has been used on tv shows such as Entourage and Eastwick. I never was a fan of High Def. makeup because of the pore suffocating feeling it gave me, but this makes me look at things in a whole new light. I swear my skin looks better and better each time I remove it at night. Stop wasting your money ladies and hop online to order this revolutionary product that will make you feel as stunning as you'll look. I'm 100% positive this will not be the last time I speak of this company.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning only to see 2-3 inches of pure white frosting covering everything outside. There was still a decent amount of snow left from the massive storm we had back in December, so to say I am excited about what I see is far from true. But what does excite me is the opportunity to slip my knee sock adorned feet into a pair of delicious boots robust enough to handle the slush outside. I will admit that for most of my teenage years, I sported the ever so popular UGG Boots, but the transition into my twenties also caused a transition in my winter footwear selection. Don't get me wrong, I still slip my feet into the furry and cozy UGGs when I'm seeking some warmth and comfort, but for braving the frigid temperature and mess outside, I have fallen head over heels in retail love with rain boots. Hunter Rain Boots to be exact. This British boot company which began in 1856 in Edinburgh Scotland has gained a large following over the past decade and is continuing to spread like wild fire. These boots range from short to tall to with laces to without and even gloss enhanced. I am partial to the Hunter Women's Original Tall Gloss Boot and  am seen most frequently in my black pair. (although I am just as equally in love with my navy). These gorgeous knee high boots come in an array of 12 colors that will satisfy any color palette in your wardrobe. With their rugged soul, and adorable buckle detailing you will be sure to catch a glimpse from any passing pedestrian while confidently trekking through slippery  snow piles. Hunter Boots have been seen more frequently on celebrity feet, and have even made appearances in a few box office movies. Pair them with skinny jeans, shorts, and dresses for an old English country twist. They fit and feel so perfect that I wear them even in the lightest misting of rain. But with my love for the knee high casual boot and my United Kingdom citizenship, I think I will be wearing these snow, rain, or shine. I am absolutely dying over the thought of owning this stone grey pair.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Start.

Hello! Welcome to Sparkles and Silk. Now that the New Year celebration has come to an end and I have completely recovered from the chaos, I can begin creating my first blog focusing on all things pertaining to beauty and fashion. (my two true loves in life). I love starting a new year and challenging myself to outdo the previous 365 days of my life. But what I truly love is the arrival of the new 2010 trends/products, the countdown to amazing warm weather, and the slow progression of "de-layering" our outfits to reveal our best body parts that have been hiding for the last few months. I know I'm excited.

"A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"-Coco Chanel