Saturday, January 30, 2010

Black is the new "blah" according to Uncle Karl

While inches of snow build up outside..yet again..and everything is turning to a clean stark white, I am drooling over Chanel. At Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld debuted a technicolor dream coat of a collection during his Summer 2010 Haute Couture Chanel show. Tulle accented shorts, metallic trimmed tweed, silver leather gloves, carved heel shoes with pearl lined soles strutted down the runway channeling what Karl Lagerfeld dubbed as "neon-barogue". Jewels, silver lame, handmade silk roses and ruffles were beautifully placed and structured to create amazing works of art. Shades of lime, champagne, and pink were the main focus and reminded me of being a kid in a candy shop.
    Hair was teased and donned big gift like bows, and nails were painted a metallic silver (a new Le Vernis Chanel polish that is not available in the US just yet, as soon as I find out when I will let you know). The color could easily be mistaken for my sister's nail creation MINX nails, which are growing in popularity and will be talked about by me in the next few days. Coral lips finished off the models doll-like appearance. What do you think of this collection? Do you think its over the top or just perfection? Who do you think had the best showing at Paris Fashion Week?


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