Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Particuliere-ly Sexy

While I love manicures and pedicures and all the fabulous primping, there are aspects to it that I do not love. Drying time feels like I just watched Christmas come and go and then come again, and picking a nail polish while the manicurist asks you 55 times "are you ready??" is just downright stressful! Being fair skinned, I tend to be a little bit picky about my nail color choices, but am risky at the same time. I am already a fan of the deep reds such as Essie Wicked or the darker purple-black hue of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, but the winter is slowly (really slowly) coming to an end, and as spring makes an entrance, so does my desire for a new nail outfit. Once I find a color, I tend to stick to it, and will wear it until the bottle is empty and the brush is dry. There is no doubt that I will reach this point with Spring 2010 Chanel Particuliere. An absolutely stunning putty-ish colored natural creamy taupe hue that will seriously become your nail color staple. With it's lush, even formula and long-wearing power, the $23 price tag actually is justified. The brush makes it easy to cover a nail in two or three simple strokes, and will honestly last you a week. Its so easy to apply that I just managed to redo my home manicure while battling a sinus infection! I have been wearing it since the beginning of January and am absolutely addicted. This Chanel hue was first seen in their AMAZING fashion show and caught a major hype when the first Particuliere accented hand appeared on the walkway. Stop stressing yourself out by changing your nail color every single day in order to coordinate with your outfit, and take yourself to the nearest Chanel counter to pick up this truly versatile polish. Your nails (and all who see you) will thank you. What do you all think about this color? Are you obsessed as I am? What's your go to, never fail nail polish choice? I want to!

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