Friday, January 8, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

I woke up this morning only to see 2-3 inches of pure white frosting covering everything outside. There was still a decent amount of snow left from the massive storm we had back in December, so to say I am excited about what I see is far from true. But what does excite me is the opportunity to slip my knee sock adorned feet into a pair of delicious boots robust enough to handle the slush outside. I will admit that for most of my teenage years, I sported the ever so popular UGG Boots, but the transition into my twenties also caused a transition in my winter footwear selection. Don't get me wrong, I still slip my feet into the furry and cozy UGGs when I'm seeking some warmth and comfort, but for braving the frigid temperature and mess outside, I have fallen head over heels in retail love with rain boots. Hunter Rain Boots to be exact. This British boot company which began in 1856 in Edinburgh Scotland has gained a large following over the past decade and is continuing to spread like wild fire. These boots range from short to tall to with laces to without and even gloss enhanced. I am partial to the Hunter Women's Original Tall Gloss Boot and  am seen most frequently in my black pair. (although I am just as equally in love with my navy). These gorgeous knee high boots come in an array of 12 colors that will satisfy any color palette in your wardrobe. With their rugged soul, and adorable buckle detailing you will be sure to catch a glimpse from any passing pedestrian while confidently trekking through slippery  snow piles. Hunter Boots have been seen more frequently on celebrity feet, and have even made appearances in a few box office movies. Pair them with skinny jeans, shorts, and dresses for an old English country twist. They fit and feel so perfect that I wear them even in the lightest misting of rain. But with my love for the knee high casual boot and my United Kingdom citizenship, I think I will be wearing these snow, rain, or shine. I am absolutely dying over the thought of owning this stone grey pair.


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