Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look of The Day: Heidi Montag

The newest member of what I like to call the "Plastics" was seen out looking horrendous but stylish regardless..

To replicate Franken-Heidi's look without looking like a circus freak try these on for size..

Gorgeous sweetheart Coral ruched silk with an exposed front zip--not so in your face & much more elegant.

Sweetheart neckline & bias pleats provides a girly romantic feel--hot pink silk crepe provides an alternative option to a red or coral tone.

Grey Leather and subtle folds create a similar look to Louboutins.

A black simple clutch to hold all of your essentials to get you through the night.

A large bubblegum ball sized ring to add a bold contrast to ruffles and pleats.

The perfect outfit for a cocktail affair, club night, or even a trendy wedding. No scary monster to be seen--Just the ultimate princess.

Images via ShopBop, Zappos & USmagazine. (Rebecca Taylor Zip Front Dress, Shoshanna Banded Strapless Dress, L.A.M.B Rhett Heels, HOBO International Sadie Clutch, Rachel Leigh Gumball Ring )

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