Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giorgio is gaga for GaGa

Did any of you get to see Lady Gaga's Grammy hoop skirt..planetarium-esque..well whatever you would like to call it? Did you know that her outfit was the creation of Giorgio Armani?

Well you do now and it has been announced recently that Armani is taking it one step further to create one of a kind tour looks for the Lady G. She already has Versace on board with looks for her tour..but a girl can't just have ONE major designer swooning over her. I guess some gals have all the luck. While these outfits aren't exactly street worthy and would look absolutely ridiculous on 99.9% of us, you can't deny that they will look fantastic on stage during the rest of her European & Australian leg of the Monster Ball Tour. Sketches were publicly released not too long ago, and they look absolutely "Gaga-licious". (had to)

According to Vogue " Looks include a sparkly structured body suit with enhanced curved shoulders, another body suit with a lobster effect on one sleeve, a geometric mini-dress with a dramatic mirror effect, and a floor-length patent trench." Each look will be topped off with Armani specially made sunglasses and shoes. 
I see Lobster detailing becoming the next crazy fashion trend no?

Armani has a fling for Gaga, describing her as "a modern fashion phenomenon".
Matchmaker has made a match, and the extra glitz from Armani will definitely give Gaga's tour a little extra sparkle. 

She debuted some of the looks in Liverpool, UK last night and I managed to find a snapshot of the blue body suit number.  I am a little disappointed that the high structured shoulders were not included in the final outcome. 

Images & Info via TheSkinnyWebsite, Armani, Vogue,

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