Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Because Your Lady Needs to Sparkle

The Brazilian is SO last year ladies..apparently the hottest trend to get your guy hooked on you is to get your gal blinged out..introducing Vejazzle, like Bedazzle but..well..not.

I first heard about this trend earlier today watching my Tivo'd episode of Chelsea Lately and had one of those "are you freaking kidding me, why didnt I think of this?" moment. This is the next big thing in body jewelry and it isn't using your low end budget crystals..we are talking Swarovski Crystals.
Endorsed by celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt who has openly spoken recently about getting her vajay iced out, claims that it "sparkled like a disco ball."

It is popping up in spas everywhere, and is slowly gaining popularity. So forget the lingerie ladies, and show him your nightlight!

Would you try it?

(Images via The Luxury Spot)

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