Monday, March 1, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

While 75% of my closet is filled with solids spanning every color in the Crayon Box..Prints possessing bohemian vibes adorned with just a little bit of unique detailing..earthy natural jewelry & belts..are all starting to show their presence among the plainer pieces on my racks..
Mischa Barton was spotted after getting her hair done for 8 hours at Byron Tracy's salon..8 hours to create this look? Not sure if I am feeling the rockabilly style on her, and the color just seems a little bit off yes? 
While the hair may not be a hit in my book, her adorable sweetheart fitted bodice A-Line dress definitely was. Dressing it up with a a waist defining belt adorned in seaside charms, a black Chanel chain strap purse, and gobs of rings, Mischa looked somewhat like the girl next door we remembered. Do you think her new look is doing good?

I have spent a large part of my day lusting over these adorable pieces that would cover any spring or summer event from dusk to dawn..Now if only these were actually in my closet.

Clockwise from middle left: Sachin + Babi Ronda Bracelet, Pamela Love Jewelry Talon Cuff, Urban Renewal Gauze Blouse Dress, Mara Hoffman Ruched Sweetheart Dress, Juicy Couture Beaded Shell Bracelet, Julie Rofman Party Beaded Cuff, Citrine by the Stones Dulce Garden Ring, Forever 21 Sylvia Mixed Print Sundress, Urban Renewal Peplum Gauze Sap Dress, Elegantly Waisted Nyx Belt, Charlotte Ronson Tank Dress with Studded Belt, Parker Double Flared Sleeve Dress, Elegantly Waisted Starfish Belt, Mochi Print Tunic by Juicy Couture.

(Images via ShopBop, INFC Daily, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters)

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